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Hire a freelancer to coach you in valorant as an immortal 3 player

Hire a freelancer to coach you in valorant as an immortal 3 player


I can coach any skill level – we can start from the basics if you want!

What this Gig will Provide:


  • Q & A
  • VOD Review / Live Coaching
  • General Tips (Positioning / Crosshair Placement / Game-sense)
  • Personalized Aim Warmups and Routines that you can use daily to get consistent
  • Settings Overview


  • All of Basic Included
  • Extensive tips and tricks on game-sense, aim, crosshair placement, things that can only be learned over thousands of hours of playing
  • Efficient communication with your teammates for overall chemistry
  • Keeping calm in clutches, how to clutch, what to do in specific scenarios
  • A PDF Report Card and Personalized Aim Routine for you to easily remember the main points of the session and actually implement them over time


  • All of Standard
  • Understanding your role and different strategies based on your role
  • Advanced economic strategies and reads to win rounds
  • Utilizing the Radar to its utmost potential to get the right play and most information
  • I will take as much time necessary in order to make you the best Valorant player you can be!

YT channel:

I can take you to that rank you’ve always wanted to be – or, even higher!

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (108)

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About the Freelancer

Name – jaycaf

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (108)

Hi! I have been playing FPS games, particularly Counter-Strike, for 12 years. I have been playing Valorant now since the games launch and have peaked Immortal 3 378 RR. I am experienced in all criteria’s of the game: whether it be the mechanics, strategy, or the mindset and have what it takes to make someone better!

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