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Hire a freelancer to feature your music on the popular indie band guru music blog

Hire a freelancer to feature your music on the popular indie band guru music blog


Music Industry Pro with over 12 years *Promote your music!* 

We will listen to your music and feature a writeup on the IndieBandGuru website. We will give our honest written opinion of your latest single or full album along with an artist bio introducing you to our readers. We will place the write-up on our independent music website (IndieBandGuru) to be seen by all of our new music-hungry readers. 

This is great promotion for your band and career. The site has great traffic and will put your music on the map. Great exposure to the right people who are looking for great new music. You will be more than satisfied, just read our reviews!

This feature will also be shared with all our followers on both Twitter and Facebook that are constantly searching for new music. Follow IndieBandGuru

The premium gig will get you 3 features of your music, written by 3 different writers, on 3 different music websites. Massive and quick exposure. Start your own viral reach.

We love independent music and sharing it with the world, and the independent music world follows our recommendations.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (138)

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About the Freelancer

Name – profitbyenergy

Short Description – Get Your Music In Front Of New Fans

Freelancer Rating – 4.9/5.0 (1,599)

Indie Band Guru is an Independent Music Blog and Artist Development Company focused on helping independent bands build their careers and get the exposure they deserve. We try to offer a lot of services to the indie music scene that needs the help.
-We have the knowledge to get you known!

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