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Hire a freelancer to help you declutter and focus your mind with a map

Hire a freelancer to help you declutter and focus your mind with a map


You jump from thought to thought in a loop, can’t get to results, and listen to a noisy mind whole day? I can get you to free yourself from the clutter and set actionable steps to solving it all out. Whether it may be project management, emotional baggage, physical hassles, relationship issues, or whatever.


When making decisions, facing problems or figuring next steps, mind can get messy. Gaining your clear mind back will help you find your own answers. In order to clear the clutter and get back to focus, there’s a simple trick. Using the mindmapping technique, I will help you solidify the branches of your chaotic thinking and make it easy for you to find your way.


There are dozens of different aspects you’re considering at the same time that cause you to whirl in an endless loop of thinking. Since you’re trying to think about an in depth issue with a lineer method of thinking, you can’t get a hold of it. With my help of appyling this method you’ll be able to see the whole picture from a bird’s eye view.


I will help you gain clarity on your goals and the self defeating thoughts that are stopping you. The result will be an actionable to-attend list, freed from the clutter.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (24)

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About the Freelancer

Name – tipsofeden

Short Description – Align With Your Potential

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (37)

I empower you to master yourself + achieve emotional wholeness + transform subconscious patterns, to create the life you love.

I’ve vast experience with inner transformation tools since 2012. I combine methods from Subconscious Mind Coaching, Non-violent Communication, Emotional Healing Techniques, Transformative Breathwork, Mindful Self Compassion, NLP, and many more supporting practices with a balanced holistic approach. In short, I’m here to help you align with your highest potential in the most effortless, compassionate, and abundant ways possible.

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