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Hire a freelancer to help you fix you, or a broken relationship

Hire a freelancer to help you fix you, or a  broken relationship


Communications professional with years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. I’m here to provide accountability and lead you confidently towards your goals.

I provide a personalized solution focused Coaching experience, to empower those in need to reach their absolute full potential, giving them the tools to live an incredible life, filled with love and abundance. 

I can help you:-


-Build you Relationship

-Relationship Hurt


-Marriage Struggles

-Identify exactly what you want in your life

-Realize your full potential (You may surprise yourself)

-Develop your self-confidence 

-Love yourself

-Manifest the life you believe that you deserve

-Become a better version of yourself 

-Get through a rough patch of your life

-Create lifetime habits to develop a happy life

-Narcissistic recovery

-Avoid future Narcissistic relationships


I will be honored to help you out by listening to you and then sharing my knowledge and experience to give you solutions that will truly turn your lives around.

Life is so complex and there are so many different ways to solve problems. Come to take a chance with me and let us make your life better together!


Text me and let’s talk about YOU!

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (4)

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About the Freelancer

Name – davejonestv

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (61)

Hi I’m Dave! Simply put, I love people and have always found joy in helping them Win. We will discover not only the problem areas that challenge us, but the process to breakthrough to the next level. All of our opposition is in these 6 areas: our Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, Focus(business) or Frame of Mind. These problems, when they come, try to steal the joy out of this wonderful blessing called life. There is power and purpose that’s inside of you, so we will work through these issues and Win.

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