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Hire a freelancer to make you a successful youtube channel

Hire a freelancer to make you a successful youtube channel


YouTube is a very complex platform. Although 300 hours of video are uploaded to YT every minute, there is still a way to stand out. We will make sure we give you the best start possible. It’s easy for anyone to create a YouTube account, but if not done properly you could miss a big opportunity. I will create a completely optimized channel including (Keyword Research, Strong SEO Optimization, and 24/7 Consultation). Here is a list of things I could offer.

  • Channel Creation
  • SEO Keyword Planning
  • Name Optimization
  • Brand Consultation
  • Profile Image & Banner 
  • SEO Optimized Channel Description
  • Description Template
  • Thumbnail Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Clean Up
  • Graphic Design
  • Intros For Channels

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I’m sure I have an awnser!

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (447)

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About the Freelancer

Name – megateddiursa

Short Description – Anthony

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (512)

Hey my name is Anthony. I Work with various YouTubers and Influencers helping them grow on different platforms. I specialize in Youtube growth and graphic design. You can find some of my most recent work at Mega Teddiursa on YouTube. Although I have seen more success in other channels I work with, Mega Teddiursa is my baby so you can get an idea of what I can offer. Hope we can work together!

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