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Hire a freelancer to record hammond organ, keyboards, accordion for your songs

Hire a freelancer to record hammond organ, keyboards, accordion for your songs


Hi, I am a professional touring and session musician with over 25 years experience on the stage and 12 in the studio. I specialize in keyboards like: Hammond Organs with Leslie Speakers, piano, synths, accordion. I am using lovely instruments for recording:

* 1960 Hammond A100 Organ, 1957 Hammond C3, 2019 Hammond Xk5 system

* Leslie Speaker Cabinet Model 145, 122xb, 770

* Korg Wavestate, Minilogue, Roland RD800,

* 120 basses accordion

* thousands samples of Kontakt library, beauty orchestrals from Cinematic Studio Series, Hollywood Orchestra and more.

I record in a Cubase 9 Pro with a lot of plugins from Waves, Focusrite etc.

For Hammond Organ records We have 3 posibilities:

BASIC: digital emulation from Hammond Xk5 recorded via mono cable or stereo (it’s depend on You)

STANDARD: Real Hammond Organ with a real Leslie recorded on 5 mics (2 on the top, 1 on the bottom, stereo matched pair for ambient) Mics: shure sm57, shure beta52, zoom h6 as ambient.

PREMIUM: same as standard but with top world classes mics and preamps (Shure SM57, Oktava 012, shure beta 52a, SE4400a)

Write me message before You make an order. It would be great to record something for You 🙂

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (18)

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About the Freelancer

Name – tom_zien

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (18)

I’m a musician and I love Hammond Organs, keyboards, synths, pianos. I studied button accordion -bayan at Chopin Music University. I worked with a lot of bands with genres like: classical, rock, blues, pop, funk, film. Music it’s all my life. I recorded many songs, a few albums, played houndreds performances with accordion solo or many kinds of groups. From a few years I have my own studio where I can record my lovely instruments. In a music schools I won a lot of competitions. I played with a famous Polish bands like: Bracia, Delhy Seed, Ania Rusowicz.

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