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Hire a freelancer to advise the best hairstyle and outfits for you

Hire a freelancer to advise the best hairstyle and outfits for you


This gig is ideal if you want a complete makeover in addition to personalized looks with shopping links.

You will receive a professional PDF report that includes details on what look suits you depending on your character, face shape, skin color and body shape. Please refer to package details below.

Basic Package:

  • HAIR: 2 Haircuts/hairstyles and optional hair color
  • BODY: Analysis & style tips based on your body shape with inspirational images for must have clothes and example looks you can copy.

Standard Package:

  • HAIR + BODY (Basic Package)
  • 2 LOOKS: Links for 2 personalized looks with 1 matching shoes

Premium Package: New You

  • HAIR + BODY (Basic Package)
  • FACE: Eyebrow shaping & Makeup (women) | Facial hair (men)
  • 3 LOOKS: Links for 3 personalized looks with 1 matching belt or bag and 1 shoes from your selected online store
  • Note: you can substitute “Face” with additional look

Closet Audit: I will examine your clothes and tell you which ones are suitable and which are not in terms of color and style and shop your new look accordingly.

Contact me for any questions, additional requirements & custom packages

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (21)

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About the Freelancer

Name – ras567

Short Description – Help you bring out the best in you

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (334)

A beauty advisor and a business consultant who has so many hobbies 🙂
I love creativity and enjoy helping others.

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