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Hire a freelancer to be your youtube script writer

Hire a freelancer to be your youtube script writer


NOTE: I don’t write explanatory scripts for websites.

Hi everyone, welcome to my gig.

I am Abu Mahir, a man who loves watching the best content and always inspiring from the most creative content creators. So, my job is to help you with your script.

I will write you an incredibly powerful and captivating script for your YouTube videos. I have got great ideas and research techniques as I have worked as a content writer for almost a year and have been inspired by so many incredible YouTube content creators like Nathaniel, Matt Davilla, Ali Abdal and many others wonderful creators.


By the way, I have worked with so many clients and I am happy to show my samples. And


Here are the topics I will be covering for you:

·       Top 5, Top 10 Listicles (for Cash Cow channels)

·       Tech

·       Russia-Ukraine

·       Business

·       Parenting

·       Dating

·       Lifestyle

·       Motivational Videos

·       Health and Wellness

·       Fitness

·       and anything especially life events happening around the world


By the way, before, placing order, Let’s have a chat to avoid any cancellation, or simply ask for availability. Thanks.

The scripts I write will only be in English.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (130)

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About the Freelancer

Name – abumahir678

Short Description – A good learner

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (130)

I am Abu Mahir. I have studied English literature and now studying International Relations. I write well researched and persuasive, engaging YouTube content.

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