Hire a freelancer to build,paint, and customize your gunpla or gundam commission

Hire a freelancer to build,paint, and customize your gunpla or gundam commission


contact first before ordering

Hi, are you looking for someone to professionally build, paint or even customize your gunpla? then you my friend have come to right place!

Do you want me to turn a plain kit to a highly detailed custom kit? like adding extra pannel line, remodeling, kitbashing, or even scratchbuild plus full repainting? i can certainly do that for you! i guarantee you won’t be dissapointed with my result!

My goal is to turn a simple and plain kit into one of a kind piece of art!

I will also give you update for the entire process!

Still have any doubts about hiring me? look at my gig images and pdf that i’ve put in my gig. You can also directly ask for more pics of my finished custom kit. I have finished customizing so many gunplas for more than 7 years so i have a lot of experience when it comes to customizing a gunpla.


you provide the information about the kit you want me to work, after you give me information about the kit and how you want it to be (straightbuild, paint, or customize) i will find the kit, paint, decal, and the other tools in my local hobby store, so you dont need to send me anything

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

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About the Freelancer

Name – gunpla_art

Short Description – A Model Kit Enthusiast

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

I am a gunpla enthusiast, i have years of experience in building, painting, and customizing gunpla. i started building gunpla since elementary school. i have over 7 years of experience in the world of gunpla/gundam and i’ve been doing local commission work in my country.
i can customize gunpla using the proper tools that i already have like chisel for making extra panel line, plaplate for either scratchbuild parts and/or add extra details, etc. of course i am also using airbrush for painting.

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