Hire a freelancer to coach you in FIFA 22

Hire a freelancer to coach you in FIFA 22


I will help you become a better player in FIFA/FUT as a ELITE 1 Coach.

Currently ranked top 25 on the Elite Leaderboard in Beta Testing,

My mission is to inspire and train the new generation of FIFA players to get to that next level.

Learn what you need to become the best for the entire FIFA22 season.

Already proven tactics and mechanics from the Beta test. I have properly broken the game down to improve your skill and make you a potential Elite competitor.

Become faster on the ball.

Utilize Creative runs.

Improve Finishing Conversion Ratio.

Become Faster at passing.

Faster at defensive positioning.

Master utilizing Defensive AI.

Master proper skill moves.

Break bad Mental / Gameplay habits.

Master the ability to close out games

Many factors go into development and ability to improve.

Remember to form good habits and stop playing but never improving;

  • Introductory session is strictly to set up and speak with me 1 v 1 and create a development plan. This does NOT include coaching instructions / gameplay.
  • DO NOT DOUBLE BOOK Introductory session

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (38)

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About the Freelancer

Name – discordfriend

Short Description – Coaching you to get ELITE

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (40)

John Sims –
FGS Qualifier.
Elite 1 Player from previous FIFA
Rank 1

Fulltime content creator.
Owner / Operator of the FUT essentials discord server with over 10k members.

I will help you MASTER FIFA.
No one understands the depth of this game better than myself.

Even the pro’s miss the breakdown we go through.

I coach from Beginners to Pro’s with a unique coaching style approach I have been using for 2 years in the FIFA Coaching area.

I will help you MASTER this game and become ELITE

Message me for more information if you need help with anything FIFA / Discord Related!

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