Hire a freelancer to coach you in league of legends and make you a challenger

Hire a freelancer to coach you in league of legends and make you a challenger


I have been playing League of Legends since S2 and have been GM+ for the past 3 seasons, and even peaked 1069lp Challenger for this season. I specialize in understanding the game and adapting to the game changes, including objective control, map sense, missions for strong/weak side ,etc. Also i am currently a coach for WIE from pro German league and have great results in competition. So I can provide both coaching for players and teams depending on your needs.

There are coaches that provides match-up specific tips and tricks for each match(aka what they saw on the surface). I would go further than that, and teach you about how to read the game with a mindset that can help you to become an independent player. I strive to help my student to become a top tier, smart and collected player after joining my sessions.

I will provide:

  • profile check
  • VOD review
  • backseat coaching
  • My soloQ/competition footage as example
  • graphs and sketches to explain complicated concepts in a easy way.
  • flexibility in coaching format and period

I will not provide:

  • boosting services
  • free accounts
  • Illegal ways of climbing the league ladder

I am always “Fired up and┬áready┬áto serve.” Order now and RISE!

Service Rating – 4.9/5.0 (43)

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About the Freelancer

Name – nggerald

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 4.9/5.0 (43)

Hello everyone, I am Mogu, I am currently a 1k lp Challenger League of Legends player.
I had some experience for league of legends competitions and one of the competitors of the up coming Asia Esports Championship.
In my spare time, I am also a part-time esports caster for variety of games. I LOOOVE League of Legends and gaming and am dedicated to share my experience and knowledge to other players!

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