Hire a freelancer to coach you in valorant as a radiant player

Hire a freelancer to coach you in valorant as a radiant player




As a Radiant player/coach I offer something unique to what other coaches offer, and that is training strictly to climb the ladders, I am a prominent ranked player, I have over 15 accounts in high Immortal/Radiant. I have mastered every aspect of Valorant, and what it takes to reach the top, as a coach I have over 70 satisfied customers.

Here’s how I play:



• 4 Live coaching sessions(1 game each)

• 2 Vod reviews

• Discuss and analyse your game sense

• Perfecting and tailoring your play-style accordingly with the meta

• Tailoring a daily routine for you, Aimlabs and Range.

• Operator Guide (micro flicks, long range flicks, short range flicks), different play styles of the operator

• Show you how to match MVP every game

• Explain in depth in game mechanics, map control, angle holding, peaking

• Explain how to achieve consistency throughout every game and what kind of mind state you need to put yourself in to climb the ladder

• Analyse your peripherals, sensitivity and grip and give you feedback

• Finding your perfect posture, distance to monitor

• Optimising your PC for lowest latency and

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

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About the Freelancer

Name – princevalorant

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

Radiant Valorant coach/booster. Rank 200 peak, level 10 CS:GO faceit player. I am one of the best operator players in the game, I have competed against plays like nAts, d3ffo, kennys, scream and cned.
I am a striving and a dedicated coach and a booster, I have coached about 70+ players with 100% efficiency who have hit high Immortal and Radiant ranks

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