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Hire a freelancer to create a guitar pro file from any tab or sheet music

Hire a freelancer to create a guitar pro file from any tab or sheet music


Hi there! My name is Chris. I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years. I very often use Guitar Pro for transcribing my own ideas, learning songs and digitizing physical tab or sheet music sources.

I can make you a custom Guitar Pro or MusceScore file from:

  • A picture/scan of a physical piece of paper with tab or sheet music
  • An ASCII tab (the type of tab format, found on websites like “Ultimate Guitar”)
  • A play-along sheet music or tab video
  • A play-along sheet music or tab websites, where the notation can’t be downloaded or customized

Note: This gig doesn’t necessarily require you to use Guitar Pro! I also work with MuseScore.

I can deliver the file formats:

  • Guitar Pro (.gp, .gpx, gp5)
  • PDF
  • MusicXML (supported on Finale, Dorico, Sibelius, MuseScore, as well as DAWs like Cubase, Logic Pro etc.)
  • MIDI or custom Audio (Offered separately, depending on project size. If you’re interested, contact me.)

Please contact me first before ordering, so that everything is clear and sorted out beforehand. 🙂

If you want something extra on top, I invite you to check out the Gig Extras below, or message me your specific request to get a custom quote.

I can’t wait to work with you! 🙂

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (5)

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About the Freelancer

Name – chrisbistrishki

Short Description – Hristiyan “Xpuc” Bistrishki

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (5)

My name is Hristiyan, or Chris for short. I’m an audiovisual creator and musician under the artist name “Xpuc” (stylized from “Hris” in cyrillic). I have been playing guitar for 10 years and along the way I have developed skills in music production, audio engineering, beatmaking and sound for picture. Currently I am studying “Sound BA” at the renowned Filmuniversity Babelsberg.
My mission is to incorporate and blend sonic, visual and artistic elements in a meaningful way into the final product or creation. I can’t wait to work with you and help you acheive this for your next project!

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