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Hire a freelancer to create a personalised workout and diet plan for you

Hire a freelancer to create a personalised workout and diet plan for you


I have been hitting the gym for over 2 years and have learned the ins and outs of attaining a fantastic physique through following a good training + nutrition plan, and now I want to help you! I have recently gained a degree in Biochemistry BSc, and am now embarking on my level 3 online personal training qualification, so rest assured you are investing in someone who has a great scientific and practical understanding of the processes behind how to build and maintain muscle, while also losing fat- the hallmark of an aesthetic physique.

Included in the plan (based on which one you purchase):

  • A comprehensive 3/4/5/6 day resistance/weight training regimen that will contain compound and accessory exercises, and that will allow you to focus on hypertrophy as well as building strength.
  • A guideline diet plan based on YOUR specific goals and dietary requirements, with macros and calories in mind.
  • High quality workout demonstration clips with commentary, in case you’re unfamiliar with the correct form for a specific exercise.
  • One on One contact with me for any questions you have about your fitness journey.

Waste no time, get in contact today! Instagram: @sxfyysi

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About the Freelancer

Name – sadxms

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (4)

A recent biochemistry university graduate, who has been on a self-improvement journey for the better part of a year. This includes; the gym and building a great physique, focusing on high quality nutrition, giving up crutches such as marijuana, alcohol, masturbation and p*rn, how to build discipline, and building a greater understanding of finance, business, and being financially free.

My hobbies include; reading, gym, go-karting, and generally listening to and helping people with whatever personal issues they may have.

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