Hire a freelancer to create a unique watercolor book illustration

Hire a freelancer to create a unique watercolor book illustration


My name is Anna and I love to create warm illustrations, attractive characters and make the world just a little bit kinder.
Book illustration is my primary interest because I really enjoy reviving stories on the pages with the help of my imagination and drawing technique. All illustrations are made in my own unique style. I use watercolors, ink, and crayons. 

Unfortunately, I can’t do re-works on my illustrations because they’re handpainted and I can’t erase anything. So if you need me to send a sketch before starting the drawing, please ask me first. 
To avoid misunderstandings in the future please message me before ordering. It’s always a great idea! Write me to discuss the details, confirm the price and time needed. 
So if you’d like to cooperate, please send me a detailed description of your idea. I’ll do my best to implement your ideas on paper 🙂

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About the Freelancer

Name – buddha_cheeks

Short Description – Watercolor Wizard

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (148)

Hello, my name is Anna, I’m a certified watercolorist and illustrator. I believe that my artworks are guides, which help me to share my inner world with other people. Whole my life I’ve been involved in the world of art which helped me to create my own unique style. If you also like it, I would be glad to implement your ideas on paper 🙂

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