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Hire a freelancer to create and set up email accounts for your domain name

Hire a freelancer to create and set up email accounts for your domain name


Are you looking to give your email address a more official, professional and make yourself more trusted?

Sending emails through a customized domain can give yourself more credibility in your space. And probably even avoid the spam filters of the email service providers. And hey, the last thing you want is to get your email to the spam folder, which is terrible!

So if that sounds this is something you would like to fix, please don’t purchase my gig until you send a message for me. The reason being that I want to what are your exact needs so that I can offer you the right solution for your needs right now.

Just to give you an overall idea of my offer:

1.    Setup Zoho mail, Office365, G suite, webmail or on your server (as per your choosing).

2.    Set up and update MX|TXT |DNS RECORDS.

3.    Create and manage email accounts.

4.    Email migration and forwarding.

I guarantee 100% security of your information, including customer satisfaction and lifetime support at any time. 

Ok like I said before send me a message now and let’s continue from there! 🙂

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (130)

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About the Freelancer

Name – mr_roon

Short Description – screw it let’s do it

Freelancer Rating – 4.9/5.0 (193)

I am a web developer & digital marketer with more than 8 years of experience working on various web development platforms, whereas PHP is my speciality. I have also worked in parallel as a Digital Marketer for 7 years. Apart from these, My areas of expertise include onsite SEO, Branding, Logo Designing, Website Optimisation, and Domain & Hosting Administration.

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