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Hire a freelancer to create beautiful music for your video game

Hire a freelancer to create beautiful music for your video game


Please contact us before placing an order.

If you’re after:

  • an epic soundtrack to your epic video game
  • a chilling piece for your beautiful landscapes
  • a hard hitting theme for your most menacing boss fight
  • a heart warming town theme to make players feel at home

Look no further.

The Will o Wisp team is all you need.

We are a composing and music production team of three members with more than five years of experience in the field. With a plethora of genres under our belt, we will produce unique music for your needs.

We believe communication is key for great results. That’s why we’ll always be there for you, answering every question, providing feedback, making sure we deliver the best possible product. Our job is never done until you’re satisfied!

What we offer:

  • Video game music in every possible genre
  • All tracks in lossless quality
  • Unlimited tracks within your order’s time limit
  • Stingers, global tracks, loops, non linear and interactive music

Listen to our samples and feel free to contact us to discuss your project’s needs.

All prices negotiable.

Inspiration doesn’t wait! Let’s get to work!

Service Rating – 4.9/5.0 (220)

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About the Freelancer

Name – stavrosxakis

Short Description – Will O Wisp Productions, expert music composition and production team

Freelancer Rating – 4.9/5.0 (315)

Will o Wisp productions is a video game music composing and production team of three composers.
With more than five years of experience in a plethora of genres, we will create unique tracks for your video game.
We believe that good communication is key for a great production. Feel free to listen to our samples and contact us so we can discuss your project.

Will o Wisp Productions:
Stavros Xakis
George Savvidis
Antonis Tsimopoulos

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