Hire a freelancer to create beautiful watercolor illustrations

Hire a freelancer to create beautiful watercolor illustrations


Hello there

In this gig, I am going to create a unique watercolor illustration design to suit your needs.

Tell me what ideas you have in mind and I will make them come true!

Before place an order please send an inbox describing your project.

Once you hire me for your project:

First I make a sketch about your idea, I send it to you for your review.

Then once the sketch is approved I start painting in watercolors, at this stage there are no revisions because the colors cannot be modified once the painting has started, my watercolors are cheerful and strong colors, keep in mind that because working with Watercolors is not the same as working digitally, where colors can be changed.

I provide the illustrations in 300dpi JPEG / PNG and the source file in PSD.

Figures can be realistic, fantastic, etc. Animals, plants, objects or whatever else you can think of!

I hope to work with you ♥

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (4)

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About the Freelancer

Name – jessicailustra

Short Description – Professional illustrator, digital or watercolor illustrations

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (35)

Hi everyone ♥
My name is Jessica Gamboa.
I have a degree in illustration, my skills range from classic watercolor illustration to digital illustrations! I work with photoshop and make projects of all kinds, from children’s illustrations to covers for books for older audiences.
You can consult me about any project that interests you and the prices vary according to the complexity of the illustrations. I look forward to working with you! ♥

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