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Hire a freelancer to create custom chibi animated or basic emotes twitch and discord

Hire a freelancer to create custom chibi animated or basic emotes twitch and discord



Feel free to ask me about this gig and send me a message before placing an order to see if i can do it, we can discuss everything you would like me to draw before starting to work on it><

heres some details for you to know><

-Before starting to draw, i will need some information such as, reference image, character model, style, colors and other details.

-after that you can confirm the number of items, price and delivery time, then start your order.

-I’ll send you the sketch time to time, to check if there are any changes or something to add.

-After the sketch is approved I will start coloring, at this stage the revision for the sketch cannot be changed, except for minor revisions.

-in the coloring stage I will re-submit the final result and you can still change the color.

-once approved i will send 4 png files including the original one

-1280x1280px(original)112x112px, 56×56 px, 28x28px PNG files

**for animated emotes you can add extra gigs depends on how many emotes you need**


Service Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

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About the Freelancer

Name – bibibu

Short Description – Id love to surprise you with the art i made

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (8)

I am an interior designer who is interested in the field of art,I’ve started drawing since I was a kid and started learning digital art in the last two years. I’ve made some emotes, some art with minimalist art types, some moving animations and started to develop some vtuber models. Here I focus on making emotes and art in the anime style.

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