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Hire a freelancer to create genogram or family tree or pedigree

Hire a freelancer to create genogram or family tree or pedigree



I have experience in building huge different genograms, family trees, and pedigrees.

A genogram is a graphic representation of basic information about a family, simple and beautiful design.

I will draw a genogram, emotional genogram, family tree, or pedigree of your family.

A genogram is perfect for a family book, for printing, as a gift for a family.

What can I show in Genogram:

photo of persons

family logo

other photos

cloud with title, color fill or frame

highlighting persons with color, frame

square box for men and round for women

person’s age in boxes or color fill

box without age and fill

lines, dotted lines, colored lines, arrows


  • native children
  • adopted children
  • twins
  • children from different parents
  • child of unknown gender

family dates

  • birth
  • death
  • marriage
  • baptism
  • divorce
  • second marriage
  • adoption

You will get the genogram in pdf and jpeg, high resolution

I can work with colors and black and white. It is not sent in physical-only on internet.

I need from you:

  • list of persons, first and last names, dates, gender,
  • if you have your own sketch, diagram, or freehand drawing (optional).

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (51)

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About the Freelancer

Name – alexbelous926

Short Description – Finding family stories and making tree

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (112)

Hi, I’m Alex.

I love finding family members and fascinating facts through doing genealogy.
I would love to help you explore your family tree, find your ancestors and relatives in Ukraine!

I love genealogy. I made many trees for many families. I make family trees, timeline, recover old photos, photos colorization.

I live in Kharkiv, Ukraine and have easy access to KHARKIV REGION STATE ARCHIVE for local research.

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