Hire a freelancer to design an effective employee engagement and wellness program

Hire a freelancer to design an effective employee engagement and wellness program


Employee engagement and wellness is more important now than ever since COVID-19 has restructured the way we work and has added more stress to your employees. If you are interested in revamping your current employee engagement & wellness program or creating a new program to help stay connected with your employees and focus on their wellbeing, I am here to help.

Hello. I’m Claudia, a leading Communications and Marketing strategist who has worked with local, national and global clients in my 10+ years in the industry.

I know what works, and can provide an effective employee engagement & wellness program that helps you with your business goal to recruit amazing employees and retain current employees.

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About the Freelancer

Name – winningcreative

Short Description – Here to help you reach your business goals

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Hi, I’m Claudia. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs and companies achieve their business goals, increase their visibility & impact and empower their employees. My clients typically are looking for the most cost-efficient way to accomplish it all.

I help them to tell their stories and build a strong employee culture. If you’re struggling with your communications, employee engagement and digital strategy, let’s connect today.

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