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Hire a freelancer to do a youtube lets play and review of your game professionally

Hire a freelancer to do a youtube lets play and review of your game professionally


*Special Note*

We will discuss everything here on Fiverr. Discuss before Ordering

Prices may go up due to my time management and work. Game Reviews ONLY.

Heyo Dakota Here!

I am looking to professionally review your very own video games on my YouTube Channel, “Stellar Dakota.” while giving you full credit for your work. I will play through your content and give my full and honest thoughts. This includes a full commentary alongside the gameplay, a professional “face-cam” (Camera of my reaction), and professional editing. My ABOUT ME is at the bottom.

Who Am I?

This should be something I stated first, but allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Dakota J. Dunn, Movie Producer and Online Entertainer (Stellar Dakota / YouTube) from Ohio. My biggest success in the movie industry is working with the “Little Green Guy” from Monsters Inc. Yes, I did that along with many other people that I don’t recognize such as Forrest Gumps Mother. (From the Movie).

Why You Should Consider Me

I am my own personality and I will be straightforward with you, providing my best work with the best equipment from my movie company. Want pro, you got it!

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (59)

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About the Freelancer

Name – stellardakota

Short Description – Movie Producer and Entertainer

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (65)

I work 9-5, Gigs come after :’)

Heyo, Dakota J. Dunn Here! I am a small movie Producer and Entertainer online (With Mild Tourettes) as “Stellar Dakota,” I am on Fiverr to post that I will play your own video game creations and review them professionally to my channel! After the reviews are complete, youre free to use the footage posted for advertising your product.

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