Hire a freelancer to do b2c and b2b cold calling for you

Hire a freelancer to do b2c and b2b cold calling for you


Hi I’m Onesia your cold calling specialist. Cold calling, when done right, can generate a lot of high-quality leads for both B2C and B2B companies. If you already have leads even better.

Cold calling is a great way to receive feedback from your prospects , because you are more likely to engage in a conversation with your prospects as compared to other cold communication methods, you are also more likely to collect more qualitative information from your prospects. 69% of buyers accept a cold call from a business. And 82% of buyers would accept a meeting with a rep after speaking with them.

Let me help you to generate high value leads , I can customize a package for you , feel free to contact me before placing an order.

Lets Chat. 🙂

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About the Freelancer

Name – nesie95

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Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (12)

Hi there, I’m Onesia at your service for all things Customer Service related. I am a flexible and smart worker, who seeks long term relationships with my clients.

I have been working in Customer Service for the past 6 years , providing industry leading Customer Support working with clients across various industries i.e. Real Estate, Insurance, finance , medical and technology.

I am a fast learner who loves to take on new tasks and learn new softwares.
My goal is always to achieve customer retention and customer satisfaction, the two top elements of customer service.

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