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Hire a freelancer to do cryptography encryption and cyber security projects

Hire a freelancer to do cryptography encryption and cyber security projects


Cryptographic mechanisms and their application in networks and communications links are very important.

So, cryptographic algorithms are developed to use in communication as well as data.

I have a complete understanding and expertise of these topics

•Cryptography in network security and cybersecurity

•Core concept of Cryptography

•Classical encryption techniques and their vulnerabilities: Caesar, Vigenere, Stream Ciphers

•Block ciphers such as DES, 3DES, AES

•Asymmetric or Public cryptography’s key generation like RSA, El Gamal etc

•Authentication methods, HASH, MAC, SHA, and digital signatures

•Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

•Cryptography Puzzles

•All algorithms related to encryption and decryption


I can solve your related queries with any topic above or another.

Kindly get in touch before placing an order.


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About the Freelancer

Name – abdch10

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (39)

Hi, I am Ch Abdullah, an ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert. I have completed my BS in Computer Science and Masters in CyberSecurity. I have written more than 12 papers related to Cryptography and cryptanalysis.
You can hire me for any network or cyber security related issues or advises. You can also hire me for any kind of research paper related to cybersecurity and Cryptography. I have also done more than 100 projects related to cryptography.

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