Hire a freelancer to do premium amazon product photo, lifestyle and infographics

Hire a freelancer to do premium amazon product photo, lifestyle and infographics


Your Amazon Listing images are the first impression that your potential customers get of you and your product. High-quality photos create brand trust and recognition, and boost your sales.

Instead of wasting your time hiring your Amazon Listing photos separately, I can offer you the whole package so that you can also get a coherent aesthetics style

You can mix the images you need depending on your budget and expectations, the packages offered are openly modifiable, those are just some suggestions!

✓ Plain White Background pictures with just your product ($20)

✓ Custom infographic design Up to 5 points ($20)

✓ Lifestyle in-use Product Photos with bespoke props and staggings ($25)

✓ Lifestyle in-use Product Photos with a male or female modeling your product ($30) – bear in mind model’s fees are not included

✓ Up to 30 seconds High-Quality Product Video ($300)

All images include:

  • Advice on the Brand Image’s ideation part. We’ll conceptualize together your special look & feel
  • Highest Resolution JPEG or CR2 Images  
  • Images taken with professional high end SLRs and equipment (Canon 5D Mark III) 
  • Professionally edited in a unique touch with Adobe Photoshop

Service Rating – 4.9/5.0 (94)

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About the Freelancer

Name – mmariaalvarez

Short Description – ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (379)

I am a Spanish Photographer specialized in creating visual content with soul for brands and enterprises. I do like getting involved in each project I work for, adapting myself to each client and product needs and goals. I also have a lot of experience in Digital Communication, Marketing and Brand Image and in 2016 I launched my own fashion brand: Hemper Handmade SL

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