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Hire a freelancer to dockerize your app and fix docker issues

Hire a freelancer to dockerize your app and fix docker issues


Docker is nowadays a de facto standard for application deployment. It made deployments super fast and easy. I will help you in:

  • Installing and configuring Docker on your machine or remote server in the Cloud
  • Setting up the developer environment using Docker (LAMP, Nginx, Apache)
  • Dockerizing your app is written in any language with any stack
  • Deploying docker images locally & in the Cloud
  • Fixing issues in .env and Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml
  • Running multiple containers with a single docker-compose file
  • Writing custom scripts
  • Deploy code in Apache Airflow
  • Make your Selenium (Python) & Puppeteer/Playwright (NodeJs) code work in docker.
  • Automate Builds using Github Actions, Bitbucket and Gitlab Runner
  • Develop end to end CI/CD Pipelines
  • Nginx, Reverse Proxy, and Certbot/Letsencrypt SSL Certificates
  • NextCloud and OnlyOffice Integration using docker-compose
  • Metabase, Matomo, Rocket Chat, Portainer, and OpenVas
  • Windows Docker Images.
  • Deploy and Configure Database MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / Redis
  • Python: Flask (with gunicorn), Django, FastAPI
  • Javascript: Nodejs, angular, vuejs, reactjs
  • Java: Springboot, Jersey, jetty

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Service Rating – 5/5.0 (100)

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About the Freelancer

Name – kshfse

Short Description – Docker, DevOps, Cloud, Python, Enterprise Integration Expert

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (106)

I am a Senior DevOps and Docker Specialist with more than 5 Years of experience. Expert of Python and Nodejs. Love to deploy your project on digital ocean, aws, gcp, azure. Make the web applications to serve better using reverse proxies and SSL. Automate your deployments using Jenkins, Github Actions and Gitlab Runners.

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