Hire a freelancer to drag out the best from you in dota 2 top 200 loomistdoto

Hire a freelancer to drag out the best from you in dota 2 top 200 loomistdoto


My name is Alvin, i’ve played dota since dota 1. I can help people to gain more MMR by providing them a replay analysis or even coaching their games during his / her play.

We can talk about the game and fixed the problems you had during the game. I reached rank 270 last season which is my peak around 7880 mmr. Usually played on SEASIA server. I’ve done a lot of coaching before so I can say I’m an experienced coach !! haha

My main languages are English and Bahasa Indonesia, I will definitely help people who just started playing dota and trying to get better at dota ;).

There are 3 types of coaching that you can pick:

  1. Replay analysis the game you want
  2. You can play the game and I’ll be the coach throughout the game
  3. I can play with you during the game, so you can actually see the difference by guiding you throughout the game

This coaching sessions include all the stuffs




*what to do during the game

*much more


I will also track down all my coaching students and answer questions in order for them to improve in their mmr

Please discuss before you order thanks 🙂

I guaranteed 95% of my students raised their mmr xD

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (27)

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About the Freelancer

Name – aloovin

Short Description – Hii

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (28)

My name is Alvin, My nickname is LooMisT. I’ve been playing dota for 15 years experience and I’m gladly to share my knowledge and experience in order to improve on playing dota 2. I’m ever reached 7.880 MMR in Seasia which is around rank 270

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