Hire a freelancer to draw lofi illustration for spotify cover

Hire a freelancer to draw lofi illustration for spotify cover


Hi music producers and singers! looking for spotify cover art? album art? youtube cover? let’s discuss ideas in your mind and visualize it! I love lo-fi colors with anime style, if that suits your taste let’s discuss more ^^

You will get:

-High quality of image 3000×3000 px 300dpi (or custom as needed)

Is this the best choice?

  • try free sketch before order
  • I love music and I’d love to help you attract more listeners by drawing eye catching cover art that suits the mood
  • we can make listener memorize what are the songs about with illustration
  • can be used for wallpaper, booklet, cd packaging, banner, profile picture, postcard, greeting card, and other print art for publication, spotify cover, youtube intro, etc
  • digital freehand painting made with clip studio paint

how is the workflow?

  • Send me description brief and references
  • sketch
  • feedbacks and discussion
  • proceed to coloring
  • final drawing
  • revision

feel free to message me anytime

check out my other gigs! I also do:

  • background illustration (bedroom, music studio, etc)
  • illustration cover for book, web story in wattpad, etc
  • silhouette art for spotify cover
  • chibi icon for streaming platform

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (17)

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About the Freelancer

Name – chipencil

Short Description – always keep improving, feedbacks are appreciated!

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (87)

Hi, I’m Chip. I’ve been drawing for 10 years and keep practicing today. I love drawing cute anime style and interior background. find me with name chipencil. feel free to ask me anytime. hope we can work together!

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