Hire a freelancer to edit and master audio to acx standards in 24 hours

Hire a freelancer to edit and master audio to acx standards in 24 hours


I will edit and master your audiobook for ACX, Findaway Voices, Authors Republic or any other publishing standards.

Do you want to get your book published on Audiobook platforms? I can guide you step by step with a 100% guaranteed approval.

I can edit, mix and master your audiobook and convert the files into a professionally clean and high standard MP3 format ready for ACX, Findaway Voices & Author Republic’s requirements. I will ensure your audiobook sound as great as possible, and free of errors from your customer’s perspective.

What to expect?

  • Master Peak Amplitude and RMS levels
  • Correct spacing at head and tail of files
  • Remove repeated sentence
  • Remove heavy breaths, mouth noises, vocal clicks, pops, plosives, hissing (included in Advanced Package)
  • Reduce Background noises
  • Proof Reading (included in Advanced Package)
  • Equalize, Compress and Process your files to Mp3 format.

If you are not sure about which package to purchase, please feel free to send me a message before placing your order.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (1)

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About the Freelancer

Name – audiobooktalent

Short Description – One Stop Service and Solutions for Audiobook Production

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (1)

Hi, I am VJ. I am a professional Audio editor cum Production Manager for the past 7+ Years with major background in arts and event management. Also, I am an avid audiobook listener and so I possess the innate understanding of what a well narrated audiobook would sound like! I am here to offer you my expertize to make the best out for your Audiobook production by organizing with the best affordable talents.

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