Hire a freelancer to help you with ice breaker tips

Hire a freelancer to help you with ice breaker tips


Back in the office after working remotely during COVID, you may be feeling a little introverted. It can be tough to start conversations with people who are now probably strangers. But don’t worry, I can help you!

Hello! I’m Doris. I am a people manager, entrepreneur, and love helping others improve their social skills. I am also a lover of all things Purple!

I’m committed to giving you the best Ice Breaker tips for your next conversation. Let’s get started!

I am a people Manager for over 25 years. I have hosted, created, and directed social and business meetings. I love working with people to help them grow and achieve their goals. My mission is to help others reach their potential and be the best that they can be.

Here are few Ice Breaker Questions to start your next conversation:

Would you rather win a Grammy or Oscar?

What’s your favorite board game?

If you could create one holiday, what would you create?

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Relationship & Personal Development

Tips for Dating after Divorce

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Hello! I’m Doris. A people manager, entrepreneur, and lover of all things purple committed to helping you improve your social skills with Ice Breaker tips for your next conversation.

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