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Hire a freelancer to life coach you to help you unlock your potential

Hire a freelancer to life coach you to help you unlock your potential


We all have goals and dreams, but most people don’t fulfil them. So what’s stopping them? Life has a habit of throwing challenges and obstacles in our path. Sometimes our own fears and limiting beliefs defeat us. Other times, we’re not clear on what we want or how to get there. And, sometimes, we simply need a push, someone to share our thoughts with, or someone to say it’s ok to think big and aim for the stars.

As a qualified coach, I will help you unlock your potential to dream big and achieve your goals. I create a safe space where you can explore your goals, fears, and dreams. Together, we’ll create and execute your success road map while overcoming any obstacles along the way.

I’ve helped executives build careers, entrepreneurs find the answer to what next, the unfulfilled to create and transform their lives, and countless others to build happier and more fulfilling lives. Now, I’d like to help you to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and build the life you deserve. Book a taster session, and let’s do this!

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Name – pete_rox_coach

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Hi, I’m Pete, British, and a qualified coach who lives in Switzerland. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Since graduating with first-class honours in business, I’ve had a varied and interesting career. I’ve written five books for companies such as Microsoft Press, lectured on accountancy, developed global online payments systems, and founded and sold two companies. My goal is to help you become your best self.

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