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Hire a freelancer to make a trap, hip hop or dnb remix

Hire a freelancer to make a trap, hip hop or dnb remix


I will make a remix to a sample of your choice

(trap/hip-hop, drum & bass)

I prefer we chat first and discuss what you want remixed and sampled before sending in an order just in case.

If I feel the request is greatly specific for the package orders such as the easy and medium ones, I may be inclined to charge extra as I value the amount of time spent on a track over the track length itself.

It would go beyond the scope of the gig for me to try to isolate the vocals and instrumental


A. You’d have to have the 2 separate files

B. OR you can find them separated well already on Youtube, so that I could work on the gig

My deadlines are based on how my workflow is best for me, so I will try to be considerate but if you want it sooner, I’d have to think of an extra potential custom gig but will not be guaranteed as I am busy at times.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (9)

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About the Freelancer

Name – noirzero

Short Description – Music production, young father, love linguistics and culture

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (9)

My music alias is Noir Zero, which describes my musical style and approach.

Noir because we all have trouble overcoming our shadows, the Yin, since it is foreign to us but is necessary to life.

Zero because I didn’t want to identify as another statistic, humbling one’s self, and to emphasize the feeling of hitting rock bottom.

These two elements can help build one’s self and drive them in their creative process.

I enjoy sampling nu-metal, alternative, techno, anime, retro/8-bit music, and tracks reminiscent of our youth.

I produce trap, retro, hip-hop, techno, and drum and bass.

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