Hire a freelancer to make original meditation , sleep or relaxation music for you

Hire a freelancer to make original meditation , sleep or relaxation music for you



Thanks for joining me! 

We all have a busy daily life, and as a result, we suffer from stress and anxiety.

Meditation Music is a great way to Balance the Body and Mind, helping with our daily stress.

Have you been looking for a Meditation / Sleep / Relaxation Music ??

Im here to help you create something Unique and Special for Yourself or Your Clients!

Meditation Music genres – You Will get:

– Sleep Music.

– Relaxation Music.

– 432 Hz Meditation.

– All Solfeggio Frequencies.

– 7 Chakra Meditations.

– Nature Sounds Meditations.

– Tibetan Bowls Sounds.

– Instrumental Meditations.

– Binaural beats

– isochronic Tones

– Ambient Music

– And many more..

All the music is composed, produced by me – Meaning you can use these tracks wherever you want!

I.e, Youtube, Spotify Playlist, podcasts, Business etc.

You will get all Commercial Rights

Send me a Message for Before Placing Order

I Compose each Piece of Meditation Music to be original and Unique with the Purpose of Healing and Balancing the Energy of the Listener.

Please feel free to Contact me for Any questions or Information

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (206)

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About the Freelancer

Name – asifshareef

Short Description – 24×7 Musician

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (228)

I’m Asif, a professional music composer and producer for almost 6 years. I have created musical arrangements for bands, music for advertising, and more. Music is my life and I would be happy to provide original music for you.I like to help others to complete their dreams.

Thank you

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