Hire a freelancer to make your video script sound great

Hire a freelancer to make your video script sound great


You’re ready to invest in a video or a voiceover…

But is your script ready?

Will it be understood? 

Will it sound professional?

Will it make the sale?

If you’re not sure — or want to be extra sure — I’d love to help. 

Before you pay for video production or voiceover work, let me edit your script so that your effort and dollars bring you maximum return.

I’ll edit your script to make sure that it’s

  • Punctuated clearly
  • Grammatically correct
  • Understandable
  • Profesional & polished
  • Logically organized
  • Appropriately succinct
  • Ear- and attention-grabbing
  • Voiceover-friendly
  • Equipped with a call to action (if applicable)

I’ve been a writer, editor and copywriter in print and radio for over 20 years, and I truly enjoy making good (or not so good) copy sound great. 

So if you’re about to invest in video or audio

  • a radio spot
  • a YouTube video
  • an explainer video for your website
  • an outgoing voicemail message
  • a documentary script
  • ANY project that requires a VoiceOver

I’d love to learn what you’re working on and help you give it polish and precision.

Need a script from scratch? I can do that too. Check out my packages!

Please note: a 60-second script is a maximum of 150 to 160 words.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (43)

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About the Freelancer

Name – yourvoicetoday

Short Description – Voiceovers and Script Editing

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (1,156)

Let’s make something great! Whether you need a warm and trustworthy voice for your video or you want to make sure your script will achieve your goals, I’m looking forward to learning about your project. I’m a voiceover artist and editor with over 25 year of experience in broadcast and print media, and I love working with you here on Fiverr to create content that tells your story effectively and compellingly.

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