Hire a freelancer to optimize, change dimensions, dpi or size up to 100 photos

Hire a freelancer to optimize, change dimensions, dpi or size up to 100 photos


I will change size or dimensions/resolution of your photos.

  • optimization of the photos for web use
  • making photos exact size or resolution for more effective use
  • reducing the size of the photos (for example – less than 1mb)
  • increasing/decreasing of DPI (dots per inch)

This gig includes:
-Photo size change (for example if you have large photos which take a lot of space on your drive, or you need them for web use, I can reduce it under one megabyte)
-Photo resolution change (for example if you need the photos with specific dimensions for web use I can set the dimensions proportionally by pixels: 3000x2000px, I can make it 600×400)

I offer unlimited revisions so you can always tell me what is wrong and I will very fast correct it.

Before ordering a gig CONTACT ME via personal message please. I have to check a difficulty of task. If you order a gig without contact me, and if the job is complex I will cancel the order. 


Service Rating – 5/5.0 (122)

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About the Freelancer

Name – milutinr

Short Description – Ecommerce Content Creator

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (863)

Hello, I’m Milutin! I’m content creator and social media manager. With over 6 years of content creating for social media I’m able to move your business on the higher level!

My main goal is to develop a successful career in content marketing and digital marketing by providing creative and high quality content to my clients!

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