Hire a freelancer to paint your warhammer miniatures and army

Hire a freelancer to paint your warhammer miniatures and army


I will paint any WarHammer, both AOS and 40k, at my best using standard color scheme or something you propose ( I will paint everything that i like to, i’ll never paint somenthing like a mini pony space marines ). 

I mainly use citadel color and my workflow start always with airbrush… this is a detail and like many other we will communicate trough the process to get a better and successful result. 

Building the miniature, removing mold lines and basing, will be on my charge. I can also buy the model to make you avoid the shipment.

Anyway, there is a lot of things to decide before starting a work, i prefer you to contact me and have a little talk before taking hands on the brushes


Service Rating – 5/5.0 (36)

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About the Freelancer

Name – terz1979

Short Description – ThePainterMonkey

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (36)

I’m an hobbyst italian miniature painter, my main job is another…
I paint every miniature as it is mine, i paint for my satisfaction and in the last few month I’ve decided to sell my skill to who want to get nice painted miniatures in his army.
I used various color range and will be able to match your specific request ( i prefer the heavy metal style )

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