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Hire a freelancer to produce an instrumental, soundalike or cover of any song

Hire a freelancer to produce an instrumental, soundalike or cover of any song


Do you need an instrumental version of a particular song? Perhaps for recording your own cover? Karaoke night? Maybe your YouTube video?

Or maybe you want a song that sounds a lot like a certain song, but don’t want to go through all the copyright hassle? We’ll make a sound-alike for you!

Either way, we’ll record a high-end replica of the requested song. Make your choice depending on the intended use, and let us know whether you want a remake or a sound-alike!

To be sure you get the result you need: send us a message and we’ll work out a custom offer together!

We work with almost every style of music: Pop, Hiphop, Rock, Orchestral, Acoustic – you name it. Trust that we will be upfront with you if we believe we lack genre-specific skills or instruments. (For example, we may direct you elsewhere for speed metal or dubstep).

If you wish to make any changes from the original, just tell us! We can change the key, the form of the song, make it longer or shorter, swap or remove instruments, etc.

We could even record a completely different version of the song! Simply name some references to what kind of genre/sound you desire.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (27)

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About the Freelancer

Name – kevincroner

Short Description – Quality : Communication : Honesty

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (41)

I’m somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, primarily within the music/audio domain. On my resumé I have six years of higher education – expanding my knowledge of music production, audio engineering, songwriting and playing multiple instruments. Since then I’ve been working with bands on major labels, independent artists, my own music, as well as teaching music production at a Swedish institution.

I value quality, communication and honesty. Trust that I won’t take on an order if I don’t think I’ll delivery an top-level product!

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