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Hire a freelancer to professionally transcribe your music to notation software by ear

Hire a freelancer to professionally transcribe your music to notation software by ear


Please contact me before we start 🙂

I am a professional music engraver with 19 years of experience. The main software I use for it – Finale since 2003.

You can order transcription of sheet music of any complexity – from simple piano pieces to large orchestral and choral scores.

Also I can transcribe any instrument by ear. Please check my tariffs.

So what actually I do:

  • I will engrave music scores from any source you give me – photo/scan of handwriting or printed music readable quality. The price is $5 per 2 pages. It can be anything from simple piano part to big orchestral score. I can extract from the score all parts you needed.
  • I will transcribe music by ear. The price for monophonic instrument – is $10 per instrument per minute, $15 per polyphonic.
  • I will send you score and parts in any typical format – pdf, midi, Music XML, xmus or any Music software.

My biggest transcribing works is:

  1. Engraving of Organ pieces for Norwegian publishing company
  2. Engraving of Karl Jenkins’ “Stabat Mater” score.
  3. Engraving of Preludes for piano solo by Ukrainian composers for Spanish publishing company

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (40)

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About the Freelancer

Name – arrangerr

Short Description – Professional cellist, arranger and sheet music editor

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (300)

Hi! My name is Volodymyr Kotliarov and
I am a professional cellist, arranger, orchestrator and music engraver.

During the last year and half on Fiverr I:
Recorded the cello in more then 180 songs, some of them has thousands streams on Spotify.

Made 45 string and symphonic arrangements for different projects, incl. Marilyn Manson`s songs for YouTube Channel “The Pure Music Factory” with more then 30k subscribers.

Engraved hundreds of pages of sheet music for international publishing companies in Norway, Sweden and USA.
I`ll be your guide to the world of music!
Please contact me:)

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