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Hire a freelancer to recreate any sound for you in serum from your favorite artist

Hire a freelancer to recreate any sound for you in serum from your favorite artist


Over the past year I have developed a YouTube channel that many of you may have discovered already. The channel, Ryan Cossoff, was created in order to explore the sound design of the sounds that I cherish and that I have loved for many years. I started recreating deadmau5 sounds and Porter Robinson sounds. The more I created, the more I learned, and the more accurate I became. Soon people were requesting sounds for me to recreate and the channel began to grow. I created a Discord channel for people to talk about sound design, and a Patreon where I offer all of the sound design project files I have created. I was recommended Fiverr by a friend, and because of the great demand from people to recreate electronic sounds from various artists, I have decided to offer services for those who want to learn sound design! I will recreate a sound in Serum for you, or a collection of sounds, or if you want even more I will provide an Ableton project file for you to learn from. Don’t hesitate to ask for any artist! Thanks guys.

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About the Freelancer

Name – ryancossoff

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Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (5)

I am a lover of electronic music, music production, and the creation of sounds. I have become an expert in sound design, recreating so many of the sounds that I grew up with and cherish. Feeling burned out with producing my own music, I began a YouTube channel to start something new, and to explore how the artists I love create the music that I hold so dear to me. Quickly, people began to gravitate to the channel to request sounds. I created a Discord, Patreon, and the community continues to grow. I want to offer my services as a sound designer for all of those who love electronic music.

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