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Hire a freelancer to review your mix or song and suggest corrections if necessary

Hire a freelancer to review your mix or song and suggest corrections if necessary


So, you create music, trying to touch people’s lives! That’s awesome! Creating music can be overwhelming though and might put you in a non-objective position when trying to figure out if what you created sounds ready for others to listen and engage to. 

Additionally, if you are planning to send this to a mastering engineer, it might not be properly saved for such purpose, which might lead to additional charges by their side and extra time spent.

I will point out any serious issues your mix might have, technically speaking and I will also let you know on my subjective thoughts about your song. We ‘re not friends nor family so I promise I’ll say the truth, hoping this won’t hurt you but give you a push to be the best version of yourself instead!

I love music in general and I have listened to SO MANY genres and styles, ranging from contemporary classical to new-age pop to extreme metal, so I have a well-established opinion and I am always open to new approaches and talented songwriting.

Ooh, please don’t send me anything reggae related though, I will say I hate it without even listening to that! (Just kiddin’.. but please don’t!)

Can’t wait to listen to your track!

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (52)

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About the Freelancer

Name – philippe_s

Short Description – Music lover, nerd sometimes

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (98)

Early in life did I realise the importance and effect of sound in one’s life. From everyday’s noises to released music, incoming sounds greatly affect our emotions, our mental state, our lives.

Music -and sound in general- have played a huge part in all aspects of my life, from travelling to the big city to attend my first live shows, to play my first DJ set back in 2000 to studying audio-engineering and working since then at various recording studios and music stages.

Lately, a step before my 40’s, sound design and graphic design are taking most of my everyday time.

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