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Hire a freelancer to shoot professional and creative product photography

Hire a freelancer to shoot professional and creative product photography



Hi there! My name is DuToit and I’m a full-time photographer.

I’m specialised in Product Photography for Amazon, E-bay and other e-commerce platforms and have a professional studio fully prepared here in Melbourne, Australia. If you need amazing high quality and professional photos of your product that convert to sales, we are on the same page. I am absolutely proud to please my clients and will make sure they are 100% satisfied with my work. 

What I offer:

  • High resolution white background, lifestyle photos and infographics. We deliver exceptional image quality
  • Use of professional lights, equipment and software
  • Touch Ups and Edits to make your product stand out!
  • Custom backgrounds

Gig good for:

  • eCommerce including Amazon, Shopify
  • Websites
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Social media

Please note:

Postal delivery times are inaccurate at times.

Listed delivery time starts after arrival of your product and once custom order is paid. If you would like your product returned to you, please include a return label, using the same method or service you used to send your product to me.

Please forward your tracking number to me.

Service Rating – 5/5.0 (28)

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About the Freelancer

Name – dutoitdeetlefs

Short Description – Professional Product Photography

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (35)

My passion for photography lies with Product photography, specializing in Amazon, E-bay and other e-commerce platforms. I really enjoy the fact that products online cannot be touched and purely relies on the quality and representation of the image that the consumer sees online to make their decision. I enjoy the planning and techniques involved in creating these images.

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