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Hire a freelancer to write an irresistible ad copy for your facebook ads

Hire a freelancer to write an irresistible  ad copy for your facebook ads


Pictures attract, but copies sell

Nobody clicks on an Ad because they think “Wow; that looks cool.”, they do because your Ad mirrors their objectives and provides the best solution for their problem. It’s very simple, if your copy sucks, you will not be seeing the return you were hoping for.

A good caption is truly where you can educate, engage and convert your target audience, by mirroring and highlighting what your audience wants to accomplish and how YOU will solve their problem better than anyone else.

Why me? WIth this gig, you will not only get an attractive, well-phrased Facebook Ad copy for your campaigns, but also a copy tailored to your brand tone, your audience’s buyer journey stage, and your Ad objective (engagement, conversions, retargeting..). 

I first ventured into the Digital sphere almost 3 years ago and have drafted over 3000 Ad copies in the past year which generated over $ 900k in profit for my clients, I can quickly grasp brand tones, and have a good understanding of the thought process that goes into making a decision.


Service Rating – 4.9/5.0 (479)

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About the Freelancer

Name – ayamedaghri

Short Description – Your Own Copy Hacker

Freelancer Rating – 4.9/5.0 (512)

A versatile Marketer, with a particular interest in Digital Media, Advertising and Content writing. I am extremely passionate about Digital Marketing, and I have had proven success in the past in driving good results as well as in retaining and growing my clients’ customer bases. I like to challenge conventional practices by keeping informed of the latest trends and developments in the Digital realm, and by utilizing a variety of innovative techniques.

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