Hire a freelancer to write you a heck of a cover letter

Hire a freelancer to write you a heck of a cover letter


Do you like writing cover letters? Don’t worry, no one really does. Maybe you’ve written one and just want a second set of impartial eyes to edit it. Or you want the whole thing rewritten. Or, perhaps you don’t want to write one at all and would rather outsource it so you can concentrate on your job search, school search, or Netflix. Whatever your status with your cover letter or personal statement, I can help. I can write a statement that engages the reader and shows off your best qualities (including writing skills). If you want to strike a particular tone – strictly professional, casual, funny – I can work with whatever you need. Take the pressure out of writing about yourself or editing your writing, and let me do it for you.

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About the Freelancer

Name – ropo922

Short Description –

Freelancer Rating – 5/5.0 (23)

I’m a writer based in Chicago specializing in humor writing, education materials, blog posts, job/school personal statements, creative writing, or whatever you need!

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